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When there is an event in history that occurs on the same day as the publication of the DeWitt Clinton Express, and there is a historical significance, an article is published about it.  September 27, 2014 is the 73rd Anniversary of the SS Patrick Henry and you can read about its launch on Page 4.

Wake Up America uses the images of Jon McNaughton as visual aids such as a teacher may use in a classroon setting to reinforce a lesson to the class. The images are used in conjunction with an explanation of  some of the ways  people are divided with the use of  words in a political setting, which leads to the question: Is America a Monarchy or a Republic? The article begins on Page 5 and continues on Page 6.

Who Won - Who Lost in Primaries isn't about any of  the candidates or political parties winning or losing, it is about the Veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States who always seem to be the losers.  The article starts on Page 7 and is continued on Page 8

How We Are Protected from ISIS/ISIL is something that all people in America should be concerned about.  The question is: Why hasn't New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio made a statement about a parade on the streets of NYC that is touted as a Pro-Terror March?  Be forewarned that the images with the article may shock you Page 8.

Columnist and writer of Crimes in Time Michael Flynn continues with part five of a six part series on the gang that was known as the Gophers on Page 11

If you are visiting Hell's Kitchen in New York City for the very first time, three of its oldest restaurants can be counted on to provide excellent service and great food and if they didn't, they would not havebeen in business for very long. See Page 2 and Page 12.

Also listed for tourists are listings of places they may be looking for while visiting the city.  See pages 9 and 10

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Watch Blinders UnMasked - the truth behind the tradition of lying that is an episode of DeWitt Clinton Express that must be watched if you think the carriage horses in New York City are abused.  And if you believe the carriage horses should not be banned, please sign the petition at www.HOORAA.org

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